The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the joining the club.

Complete the online application form along with the non-refundable $100.00 application fee.  Once the form is received your application will be presented to the board for review. Upon acceptance you will be notified via email and be placed on the waiting list.  You may find the application form HERE.

***NOTE: The application must include two current member names as your sponsors (see referral field on application)

Non-refundable application fee of $100.  Additionally, new Members are responsible for $2200.00 in dues/fees for their first year of membership this includes:

  • $700/annual dues—(reoccurring annual dues, non-refundable)
  • $500/initiation fee–(one-time fee, non-refundable)
  • $1000/SRSC bond—–(one-time fee, refundable upon resignation from the SRSC)

NOTE: These dues/fees are subject to change annually or can be adjusted by the SRSC Board of Directors at any time.

Upon receipt of your application and successful payment you will receive an automated email (save this receipt for your records)

When the waitlist is updated (done periodically) you can review your waitlist position via the club website in the following format.

Once the new waitlist is published you can view your position via your account number or the corresponding first initial and first three letters of an applicant’s last name.

For example: John Smith account number 456 will be shown as: Position #1. Acct# 456  J Smi

**NOTE: The name posted on the waitlist is derived from any variation of you or your co-applicants name.

You can view your waitlist position under the membership tab on

After you open up webpage:


-Click on WAITLIST (look up your information as noted in the above example)

A. YES once you are notified you are on the SRSC waitlist you are eligible for both the swim & dive teams ONLY. It should be noted that an offer to participate on the swim/dive teams is not an offer of regular membership.

To register: Click on the: SWIM and DIVE TEAMS tab

Currently it takes approximately 5-6 seasons from receipt/approval of application to be offered membership with the SRSC. 

A. Approximately 15-25 applicants are offered membership each season.

Should your contact information change while awaiting an offer of membership, please contact our membership chairman by emailing:

SUBMIT EMAIL with the following in the subject:


A. Your application will be removed and you will lose your spot on the list. In order continue you will have to complete a new application and start all over again. (re-submit the $100.00 application fee and start at the bottom of the list)

A. Every year as members resign their membership (which usually begins in March until the first week of April) prospective members are notified via email, phone call/text

If attempts to contact you are unsuccessful, you will be removed from the SRSC waitlist.

As such it is important to keep your contact information current.

If you have a Season Guest (house guest/nanny) who will utilize the club more than 30 times in a season you can pay the set fee of $150.00.  This will allow the Season Guest to utilize the club for the season for the flat rate.

To make the payment click the link below: