Q. What is the process to store my boat? (Do I have to be a member?)
A. Yes, you must be a member in good standing to store your boat at the marina. If there is availability you need to complete the online registration. You will need to display your storage sticker visibly on the tongue of your trailer and park in accordance of the parking guidelines. If there isn’t availability you must contact the marina chairman to be added to the wait list.

Q. How can I get ramp access?
A. You must sign up for ramp only access through the registration site ($200 fee). If site is not open or available, contact the marina chair to coordinate ramp sticker and access key. You must display the ramp sticker on the trailer tongue so it is visible. Having ramp access allows you to store your trailer at the top grass area for the day ONLY.

Q. How do I get on the slip or storage waitlist?
A. Email the Marina Chairman to be added to the waitlists

Q. What are the marina fees?
A. Marina fees are:

  • Ramp: $200
  • Slip fees:Premium Pier Slip: $625, Pier Slip: $575, Bulkhead Slip:$525
  • Storage: $200 (must pay $200 ramp fee to store unless you have a slip; 2 boat max)
  • Winter storage: $300 (October 1st – May 1st only) $100 fine will be directly applied to your account if your trailer remains on property after May 15th
  • Kayak/Paddleboard/Dinghy storage: $100 (no assigned spots, if you want a key it’s $200 for pool gate & Ramp access)

**all marina fees are NON – Refundable**

Q. What are the fine’s associated with the Marina?
A.  Marina fines are:

  • Trailers or Kayak/Paddle boards parked/stored without a valid current year sticker after May 15th:  $50
  • Trailers parked in areas not outlined in the parking guideline posted on website by May 1st: $100
  • Trailer parked in the lower marina lot at any time of the year: $100
  • Boat tied up at the Marina T-dock unoccupied: $100

**all marina fines are NON – Refundable and are applied Online to members account**

Q. When is the Marina season?
A. April 1st to November 30th. However as a paid member, the marina is accessible year around.

Q. How do I contact the Marina Chairman?