These rules and regulations to follow are designed to ensure the safety and security of all Severn River Swim Club Marina users, guests and their property. All members who use the marina facilities are required to abide by them.

I. General Rules

1. The Severn River Swim Club (SRSC) Marina and associated amenities are for the exclusive use for SRSC members in good standing and their guests only. Use of the marina facility by non-members without the approval of the SRSC will be considered trespassing. Members must accompany guests when using the marina facilities.

2. All boats (Slipped & Stored) at the club must display current Maryland Department of Natural Resources registration and identification on both sides of the hull, as required by Maryland law.

3. SRSC members are prohibited from subletting Marina privileges (slip, ramp, or dinghy rack) to other members and/or non-members. (See Section VII.)

4. Marina usage is defined as: dinghy rack storage, slip assignment, use of launching ramp, pier and bulkhead docking areas, parking area, and upper property perimeter used for trailer/boat storage during the season and off season.

5. Marina privileges are for members that actively use their watercraft during the boating season. Slips, dinghy rack, upper field, and parking lots are not to be used as storage-only facilities. Subject to the approval from the SRSC Board of Directors, under the advisement of the Marina Chairperson, may revoke marina privileges to a member should watercraft be observed not being used for a period of one season.

6. No structural changes, alterations or improvements should be made to an assigned space, pier or bulkhead, without the permission of the Marina Chairman.

7. It is the responsibility of the boat owner to ensure that proper hardware and lines are used at his space for secure mooring at his slip to prevent damage to others and/or SRSC property.

8. All marina users must provide the following documentation when registering their boat and/or trailer each year:

  • Boat Registration-
    1. Copy of title (must be 100% owned by SRSC member)
    2. Copy of current year registration
    3. Copy of current insurance policy (see note 9)
  • Trailer Registration-
    1. Copy of title or proof of ownership (must be 100% owned by SRSC member)

***These documents must be uploaded to the registration site or provided to the Marina Chairman in hard copy form before stickers or keys are distributed.  Current boat registration sticker must be affixed on vessel and SRSC sticker must be displayed  on trailer at all times***

9. To insure compliance with SRSC insurance requirements, marina members, both slip holders and ramp users, must submit with the annual registration proof of a current boater’s liability insurance coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, in the minimum amount of $300,000 combined single limit each accident, for each state-registered or federally-documented vessel occupying an SRSC assigned pier or bulkhead slip, storage or using the ramp at SRSC facility. Such proof may consist of a copy of a specific policy declaration or endorsement, or a separate company provided “proof of insurance” certification. In whatever form, the vessel(s) covered must be explicitly identified in the document and include the home address of the insured/owner.”

10. No Split Ownership of boats or trailers is allowed with non-members. Eligibility and usage of the Marina shall be limited to boats and trailers owned 100% by SRSC member(s) in good standing.

11. All boats must be removed from the pier and bulkhead slips whenever official predictions of a storm surge or flooding are for two feet or more above Mean High Water (MHHW). The Marina Chairman will attempt to notify Boat owners by e-mail or text and/or a posted notice at SRSC; however, lack of notice does not relieve the boat owner of his/her responsibility to observe this rule. If circumstances
call for boat removal, members have permission to temporarily store boats on trailers in the UPPER parking lot only. No boats on trailers allowed in marina parking during “predicted storm event.”

12. NO Boat Blocking Permitted on SRSC property.
All boats must be on trailers when stored on SRSC property with no ball locks allowed (unless a key is provided to Marina Chairman).

13. Maximum boat length allowed in slips and storage is 29 Feet.

14. Sixty Five is the Maximum trailer storage spaces available on SRSC property.

15. For Marina parking details please refer to the documented parking plan found on the SRSC website.

16. NO Boats or Trailers are allowed to be stored in the lower level parking lot. SRSC members must observe the NO PARKING signs in the marina parking lot. This area needs to be left open so members towing trailers have room to turn around.

17. Marina members agree to release SRSC, Inc., and the members of its Board of Governors from liability for bodily harm or loss or damage to property or damage caused by their property while kept at the marina or using marina facility.”

18. At the sole discretion of the Marina Chairman or the Marina Committee, vessels in the water or located on the SRSC property may be moved or relocated.

19. If a person using the marina or it amenities causes damage to SRSC property or another marina user’s property, they are responsible to make repairs and restitution due to the damage.

20. Any trailer found on SRSC property without a current sticker may be either booted and charged $100 for release of boot or towed at owner’s expense.  Trailers parked in areas not outlined in the parking guideline posted on website by May 1st will also be subject to boot, $100 fine or towed at owners expense.

21. Slips users cannot transfer slip to another member.

22. Boats are not to be tied up and unaccompanied at the Pier T-dock. This dock is for unloading and loading purposes ONLY.

23.  Max seasonal trailer/boat storage per member is quantity: 2

24.  If you plan use and operate a vessel in the marina and are born after July 1, 1972; you Must show that you possess a valid boaters license.

II. Marina Committee Objectives

a) To ensure that the above general rules and the below regulations and procedures are followed, a Marina Committee is established to provide guidance and direction to maximum the utilization of the SRSC facilities.
b) Define and maintain a fair and workable system for making slip and dinghy space assignments.
c) Monitor all vessels docked in the SRSC slips, as well as individuals using the facility, to make a best effort to assure the safety of vessels and people.
d) Provide easy and safe access to all slips and piers.

III. Marina Committee Responsibilities

a) Maintain a roster of all vessel and dinghy space assignments within the SRSC facilities, and keep up-to-date lists of those seeking space assignments.
b) Review all applications to assure compliance with the SRSC rules and regulations.
c) Assign space based on defined priorities and rules regarding vessel dimensions and type so that maximum use can be made of the facility.
d) Monitor the condition of all vessels occupying slips to assure their compliance with the SRSC rules and regulations.
e) Maintain the SRSC pier and docks in a safe and functional condition. Arrange for repairs as needed. Develop a yearly budget for approval by the SRSC which lists major improvements and projected operating costs for the coming year.

f) Move members trailers if necessary to maximize available parking space or make car parking available in the open grass lot.

IV. Membership of the Marina Committee

a) The Marina Committee shall consist of the Marina Committee chairperson who is elected by members of SRSC and up to six other members who are selected by the chairperson. Six such appointments shall be made by the chairperson each year, for a term of one year. No member shall serve more than one consecutive term unless elected to the office of chairperson. The members shall represent a cross section of those using the SRSC marina including at least one non-boater.
b) A quorum shall consist of at least (5) members. Resolution of matters, where agreement cannot be reached, shall be by two thirds (2/3) vote of those present.

V. Assignment Policy

a) Slip assignments will be based on the receipt of valid boat insurance and title information and the availability of space to match the dimensions of each vessel, the safety of each vessel and those in adjoining spaces, and the need to make the most
effective use of the facility.
Note 1: As a guideline, each slip has been evaluated in terms of entry/egress requirements, impact on neighboring slips, and the need to utilize approximately 75% of the space available in the slip. Marina Committee will use vessel beam, length and draw requirements to assess the minimum/maximum boat size per slip. A yearly review will be conducted and used for assignments by the Marina Committee.
Note 2: If current year slip holder desires to be moved from assigned slip to another slip; a written request must be made to the Marina Chairman to include detailed root cause for request so a thorough evaluation can be conducted at the end of each season and recommendation can be made by the Marina Committee during off-season feasibility study.
b) Slip assignments will be made before the beginning of each boating season and will be effective as of April 1, as defined as the first day of the boating season. Assignments made at any other times will be considered temporary and subject to change by the
Marina Chairman.
Note 1: Slip assignment means an assignment to a specific slip space for a verified specific member owned vessel, for one boating season and within the guidelines defined in this document. Slip assignments made during the boating season assumes those dimensions will not change.
c) As slips become available, Marina Chairman shall offer to those applicants on the waiting lists in priority order. If applicant is not reached after 24 hours, the offer is giving to the next applicant on the list. Contact shall be documented and every effort made to reach applicant, thus contact information should be reviewed and updated by the members to ensure Chairman has the most up-to-date contact information!
d) Notification of change and new documentation is required to the Marina Chairman within two weeks of change. Any changes made in ownership or vessel configuration that violates the conditions of the slip assignment will result in the slip assignment
being terminated.
e) Slips are assigned only to vessels owned by members in good standing of the SRSC. As such, it is expected that owner/members would be the persons usually using the vessel. In the event a family member or friend who is not a member of the SRSC or a permanent resident of a member’s household uses the vessel, it is expected that the owner be present at both the departure and return of the vessel to the marina.
f) A slip assignment is terminated automatically for individuals who have moved from SRSC or have lost their membership in the SRSC. Those individuals must remove their vessels from the SRSC facility within one (1) week of that change in status or pay the costs of towing and/or storage of the vessel. No refunds are granted for change in membership status.
g) All slip holders agree to move their boats from their current space to their assigned slips within one week of slip assignment or when an occupied slip is needed by a new assignee, whichever is later. The Marina Committee will also make an effort to contact moved slip holders via e mail and/ or telephone. When an occupied slip is needed by a new assignee, and after no less than one (1) week of notification, all slip holders grant the Marina Committee the right to move their boats to the slip assigned for the new season. The Marina Committee will attempt to move such boats in a manner to preclude any damage. The boat owner will release from liability the Marina Committee or any member of the Marina Committee or any individual assisting any member of the Marina Committee in the moving or removal of their boat.
h) Slip assignments are for a period of one season and there is no guarantee that the same slip will be reassigned the following season.

Appeals Process
Should a slip holder not agree with the assignment of a new space, they may request to be moved (in writing) to the Marina Chairman within one week of new assignment. If the matter is not resolved to the slip holder’s satisfaction, they may then request (in writing), an appeals hearing with the Marina Committee. Slip holder must agree with final decision of the Marina Committee.

VI. Slip Assignment List

The Marina Chairman will maintain a current Assignment List of slip holders. It will contain information such as the slip numbers, vessel owners’ names, vessel type, specs, and vessel names (if named). To remain on this Assignment List and be an active slip holder, a documented registered vessel assigned to the slip and must be in assigned slip by June 1 of the boating season or that slip may be forfeited and the owner(s) priority automatically reassigned to Waiting List. (See Section XII.)

VII. Waiting Lists

The Marina Chairman shall maintain a Waiting List for members desiring to obtain a boat slip for the season. The Waiting List for marina slips and rack shall be made available on the website on June 1 of the current year. Members on the Waiting List shall be offered the opportunity to secure a slip if available soon after May 1 of the current year. Members who accept the slip MUST have a watercraft ready to occupy the slip and actively use for the season as noted in the General Rules. (no slip “squatting”) Members who are offered a slip, but do not have a boat and/or are not ready to accept the offer, may pass. Doing so WILL NOT lose their place in the Waiting List. The person below them will simply be moved ahead of them on the list. Conversely, any member who currently has a slip and wishes NOT to renew their slip fees for the current year due to sale of boat or other circumstances my relinquish the slip and be put immediately at the top of the Waiting List. They may choose to pass on a slip each successive year if desired and (re) accept when ready. Please note that a different slip will most likely be assigned should they accept a slip when ready. After the third year member will move to the bottom of the list.

The main intent of the General Rules and the Marina Waiting List policy is to insure that every slip in the marina is filled and used actively throughout the season. Slip assignments shall be determined by seniority on the waiting list.

Members will be added to the wait list in the order in which they notified marina chairman of their intent in writing, and have maintained continuous membership in SRSC.  Members who fail to maintain SRSC membership in good standing automatically lose their position on the priority list. Upon renewal of SRSC membership, the date of renewal becomes the member’s new priority date.

Once the trailer storage reaches the 65 space maximum capacity, the above wait list process will be followed by the Marina Chairman and each year an updated storage wait list will be posted on SRSC web site.

VIII. Boating Seasons

a) The boating season is defined as the period from April 1 to November 30 inclusively.
b) The winter season is defined as the period from December 1 to March 31
inclusively. Boats kept in slips during winter months must be given approval by the Marina Chairman prior to leaving them in the water or on lifts.  If approval is given the boat owner takes the risk of any storm/ice damage to his/her vessel.
c) Water to the piers will be turned off on or around November 1 or at the first sign of a deep freeze and returned to service on or about April 1.
d) Winter storage is available from October 1st to May 1st with Marina Chairman approval (based on space availability & proper marina documentation that’s provided)

IX. Kayak, Paddleboards and other small vessels

a) Each Kayak, Paddleboard, Dinghy and small boats on the Dinghy Rack must display a current year club registration sticker. All others will be removed and impounded and owner’s expense.

b) Space on the Dinghy Rack are not assigned. If the rack becomes full, the Marina Chairman may restrict storage and a Waiting List will be maintained in the same manner as defined per Section VII of this document.

c) All Kayak, Paddleboards or small vessels that are launched at the marina MUST have current SRSC marina sticks displayed.

X. Fees

a) Slip fees are $525 for Bulkhead, $575 for Pier slips (NO finger pier) and $625 for Premium pier slips (lift enabled w/ finger pier). All Slips fees include ramp fee
b) Kayak, paddleboard, dingy and canoe rack fee is $100 per vessel
c) Ramp fees are $200.
d) Storage fees are $400 for trailer (includes use of ramp) 2nd trailer storage is $200. Winter storage fee is $200 (October 1st – May 1st ONLY)
e) If current year registration and SRSC sticker is not displayed after June 30th on members trailer or vessel, a $100 fee will automatically be charged to members account
f) ANY boat that is tied up at the pier T-dock without member aboard; will be assessed a $100 fee. Security camera’s will be used to identify owner and no attempt will be made to contact member.

Marina fees are non-refundable.

XI. Dimensional Rules and Safety-Related Specifications

In the interest of safety and to avoid damage to the piers, bollards and other vessels at the SRSC marina facilities, the following rules and recommendations have been established regarding the dimensions and location of vessels assigned to SRSC slips:
a) The minimum/maximum requirements per vessel per slip may be adjusted at the discretion of the Marina Committee to provide maximum utilization of the pier facilities.
b) The Marina Committee may, at its discretion or by request of the vessel owner, measure any vessel even if a manufacturer’s specification sheet had been submitted. In case of a discrepancy, the Marina Committee measurement shall have precedence. Once measured, re-measurement will not be required unless some structural change is made to the vessel.
c) For the purpose of measurement, the overall length shall be taken from the foremost permanent projection on the bow (bow pulpit, bow sprit, anchor davit, etc.) to the aft-most permanent projection from the stern (outboard motor, out-drive, swim platform,
rudder, etc.) when such projections are in their normal, docked positions.
d) The vessels shall have sufficient space within their assigned slips so that no portion of a vessel or attachments to a vessel will make contact with the piers or other vessels in adjacent slips or extend above or below the pier decks.
e) Specific slip assignments also will depend on matching the vessels beam with the width of the slip and its compatibility with the beams of those vessels in adjacent slips. The space between hulls will be maximized to prevent damage caused by rocking due to
severe wakes.
Note: As a rule of thumb, when the Marina Committee moves a slip holder’s vessel to a smaller slip, the distance between pilings should be at least 12” greater than the beam of the vessel. This will not be required for new vessel assignments if the
only slips available do not have the minimum 12” clearance. For vessels with beams less than 8’6”, the minimum clearance is 8”. With the approval of the Marina Chairman, a vessel can be moved to a slip smaller than these guidelines state.

XII. Owners Responsibilities

Note that slip assignments are a privilege, not a right. Those using the SRSC facility must be aware of their responsibility for the safety and condition of other boats. For that reason, owners must accept responsibility for the following:
a) Each vessel shall display a current valid registration sticker.
b) Each vessel shall be tied within its assigned slip so that no portion of the vessel or any attachments to that vessel will make contact with or extend above or below the pier deck. Nor should the vessel extend into the right of way of other vessels that are under way.
c) Each vessel will intrude into the space of adjacent slips or make contact with other vessels. Particular care must be exercised in making allowances for unusual tidal changes.
d) Each vessel shall be tied off with proper docking lines. Clothesline, ski ropes, etc., will not be permitted. The lines must be maintained in good condition. It is recommended that they be replaced at least every three (3) boating seasons. Frayed, cut or badly
chafed lines must be replaced.
e) The launching ramp chain should always be replaced and locked after each use. The top gate must be locked after pool hours. Please help us prevent unauthorized use of the ramp.
f) No one is allowed to make any changes or add to the piers or any of the slip facilities without prior written permission from the Marina Committee.
g) Owners must keep the Marina Chairman informed of any changes which would affect their slip assignments or priority status.
h) The SRSC marina facilities (pier, ramp, etc.) are NOT to be used for any commercial purposes, such as charter vessels or work related vessels.
i) Children under 10 years old MUST be accompanied on the pier by an adult.
j) The pier is NOT to be used for swimming, fishing, or crabbing.
k) Marina users are responsible for placing all trash in the receptacle provided or preferably taking the trash home for recycling whenever possible.
l) Boats should NOT be left tied to the end of the pier for more than one hour without the permission of the Marina Chairperson.
m) No trailer locks are allowed without approval of the Marina Chairman.

XIII. General

a) Nothing in these rules will preclude the Marina Committee from considering and acting upon special, unusual or unforeseen situations that may arise from time to time. The Marina Committee will treat such special problems as fairly as possible within the spirit of these rules, keeping in mind the best interest of all members of the SRSC.
b) These rules will not supersede the By-Laws of the SRSC.