Boat Lift Policy

1. SRSC Marina Rules and Regulations apply to this Addendum.
2. Only HiTide electric powered boatlifts will be permitted and only 9, 12 and 16K lifts will be approved. The lifts must include the following accessories/options: Aluminum Bunks, Cable Keepers, Driveshaft covers.
3. Slip holder will pay an additional marina bond of one thousand dollars ($1,000). This bond is fully refundable if the slip holder sells or removes lift from SRSC pier and returns the slip to undamaged (normal wear & tear) conditions.
4. Slip holder will be responsible for all costs of boatlift installation and all necessary electrical improvements or repairs required.
5. Slip holder is solely responsible for any damage or impacts caused by the lift or property in/on the lift which is installed in their slip.
6. The lift will be deemed personal property of the slip holder and slip holder will bear all maintenance costs associated with the lift. Boatlift must be installed as proposed and approved, and maintained in good working order. Marina Committee will give slip holder written notice of any deficiencies and slip holder will have 30 days to respond to marina committee and fines may be issued against slip holder for any non-compliances. If the slip holder does not comply with marina committee’s repair timeframe; Marina Committee may repair lift, remove lift, and/or resolve deficiencies at the discretion of the Marina Chairman and at the sole cost of the slip holder. The costs for the repairs, removal and/or resolution of the deficiencies will be assessed to the slip holder.
7. If the pilings/pier sink, become damaged or becomes unstable due to the additional weight (exceeding max capacity of the lift), it is the responsibility of the lift owner to replace the piling and repair any damage that occurred to the pilings, dock, finger piers or any SRSC property.
8. When boatlift is in the up position, the lowest part of the boat will not be higher than one foot above mean high tide. During named storms, boat height may be raised during the duration of the storm watch/warning. If the Marina Committee deems necessary, they or their designated
representative may operate the lift to make adjustments to the lift height.
9. Within 30 days of vacating the slip or 10 days prior to the slip rental term expiring, whichever is earliest, the slip holder may elect one of the following options relating to the disposition of the lift:

  • a. Slip holder may transfer ownership (sell) of the lift to another approved SRSC marina member in good standing in accordance with the slip waiting list. Acceptance of the terms and conditions and approval of the transfer are at the sole discretion of the Marina Committee.
  • b. Slip holder may remove the lift at their own expense and return the slip to an undamaged (normal wear & tear) condition.
  • c. In the unfortunate event the slip holder abandons the lift by failing to transfer ownership using one of the above methods outlined above. The Marina Committee may assume possession or removal of the lift and abandonment will result in forfeiture of the slip holders bond. Upon vacating the boat lift the SRSC has first right of refusal. If no other person wants the lift the owner is responsible for removing the lift at his own cost. If the club removes the lift, the cost will be deducted from the slip holder’s marina bond.

Lift Installations

1. Installation shall meet all code, AA County Permit and Inspection requirements for a new installation and installers must carry insurance. Contractors need to submit Certificates of Insurance: Workman’s Compensation and General Liability.
2. Lift installation must not alter SRSC owned Piles or finger piers.
3. Lift mechanisms (motors, cables etc) shall not block the catwalk. Boats must be accessible without climbing over lift mechanisms.
4. Can occur only with express approval of the Severn Swim Club (the Board or its Marina Committee) in written agreement signed by both parties before any work begins.
5. Lift submittals to include lift cut sheets, all accessories, and full specifications are to be approved in writing by the Marina Chairman prior to installing the lift.
6. I fully understand that the SRSC and its agents are not responsible for any damages that may be incurred while I am installing or using the boat lift. In the event that I may suffer any damages I will hold harmless and indemnify the Severn River Swim Club and its agents.

I have read, understand and will abide by the SRSC Lift Addendum.