Dear SRSC Members:

Hard to believe it, as we sit here in February 2020, that another swim season is fast approaching.  So, while it is not swim season yet, it is time to start the planning.

The Annual Severn River Swim Club General Meeting is scheduled for 7pm, March 3, at the American Legion Post 175, 832 Manhattan Beach Rd, Severna Park, MD 21146.  All members welcome and encouraged to attend.  We will be voting in the board of directors for 2020 season as well as to some changes to by-laws.

If you are not able to attend the general meeting and vote, please click on the link at the end of the newsletter to view voting items and to vote by proxy.
*Please submit your vote by March 2, 2020*.

We are not raising the membership dues this year.  However, we are eliminating the early payment discount.  Before everything was done on-line the early discount made sense.  Now that we can process everything through a website this discount isn’t really the incentive it was originally intended to be.  General Membership will be $550.00 and Limited Membership will be $350. We have found over the years that the we need all funding in earlier if we want to have funds available to do all the work often needed prior to opening for the season on Memorial Day weekend. With that said, This year we are still allowing payments prior to May 1st, but next year the April 1st deadline will be in place.

Financially, we are in very good shape now and are well into finalizing a 5-year maintenance and capital expense budget.  We see some large expenses that our current funding may not be able to meet.  Baby pool lining, main pool lining, and tile replacement need to be done very soon.  We are planning on doing the baby pool lining and temporary repair on the tile surrounding the pool for the 2020 season.  But major work will still be required within the next 2 seasons.  To ensure we can fund this cost, we are raising the bond to the $1000 as allowed in the By-Laws in two equal steps.  It was set at $650 and will be raised to $825 for the 2020 season and will then be raised to $1000 for the 2021 season.

Last season, the Board recognized our On-Line website was painful and not user friendly.  We were caught off guard by our provider who told us in January 2019 that our platform had been discontinued and they were migrating us to a new one that you all utilized to pay your dues last year.  The migration was very difficult, and many members complained that paying their pool dues and marina payments was not a pleasant experience.  Because of all these issues.  The Board did some due diligence research and found a company that is set up for private pool memberships being their primary focus.  The name of the company is Member Splash.  Our migration to this platform is almost complete and will be ready well in advance of our planned March 1 On-line go live date

Finally, we are requesting approval for multiple By-Law changes this year.  We are changing the Limited Membership dues from 2/3 of Full Membership dues to $200 less than Full Membership dues.  As I said earlier in this letter, we are eliminating the early payment discount and those references are being removed in the By-Laws.  We have a good problem in that we have too many volunteers for the board.  So, to ensure we maintain our high level of support we are requesting approval to increase the Board of Directors allowed number of 15 to 17.  Additional Board members go along way reducing our outsourcing of manual and specialty labor to upkeep both the pool and marina.  We have had two increases in the allowed Limited Membership number over the last couple years and currently stand at 70 Limited Members allowed.  Each increase did not show a noticeable crowd increase at the pool.  With our new membership application list number sitting at 169 families as I write this letter the board felt it made sense to increase the maximum allowed Limited Membership to 100 as a limit and setting the 2020 season cap to 80 to help move the list along.  If the impact of this increase shows no impact to crowding, the Board may decide next year to increase this number again.

Marina Members will be getting a separate information email in the near future.   On-Line membership and marina registration will be open at the same time our website On-Line goes live March 1.  You will also receive reminder emails throughout the dues paying period as a reminder of due dates.  These will be numerous membership-wide email blasts, so if you have paid please ignore the email.

As a final note, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure they maintain a current email address with SRSC and most important ensure that all fee’s are paid on time.
Scott Monroe
President SRSC

Key Dates:
March 1st On-Line Membership payment access open
April 1st – Water turned on at Marina
May 1st – On-Line Membership access CLOSED